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Tabula Rasa Dezember Shaving Soap 90g

Tabula Rasa Dezember Shaving Soap 90g



Tabula Rasa Dezember shaving soap, hailing from Berlin Germany the Tabula Rasa handmade shaving soap has a consistency somewhere between a putty-like soap and a traditional shaving cream which provides for a top notch performance. If you have yet to try the Tabula Rasa shaving cream/soap give it a go, these products are truly first class! For the best shaving result Tabula Rasa have the following suggestions to lather-up the soap.

1. Moisten shaving brush and shake out well.

2. Spread a Hazelnut-sized portion of Tabula Rasa over the palm of your hand and use the shaving brush as if it were a paintbrush.

3. When the hand appears evenly covered with soap, squeeze the lather with your fingers from the brush and hold it in your palm.

4. Adding a little water to the tips of your shaving brush if required continue to palm lather, whipping the soap into a thick foam until it holds its shape.

5. Once you get the lather to your liking, apply to the face as you normally would with your shaving brush and proceed with your shave.

Twelve fragrant notes, twelve different ingredients for the twelfth month of the year: December.

Full of surprises and just like the hold of an old sailing ship which has returned home after a long journey of discovery, Erik Kormann’s fragrance Dezember awakens memories and holiday feelings.

The wanderlust begins with lime, cardamom and pink pepper (schinus molle), right here just behind the hatch to the cargo area, where the captain has stored the citrus fruits and spices. You only need to pop your head in and you're surrounded by sparkling, tangy spices and fruity hints of pepper, fragrances that sharpen the senses and arouse our curiosity. What lies still hidden and what has the movement of the rolling waves mixed together deep down in the hold of the ship? Rose, elemi and the vanilla-like oil from balsam of Peru. Here and there notes of Gurjun balsam and patchouli can be discerned. It is that blend that we so often refer to as ambery, not sweet yet friendly, laid on soft and musky, oriental resins and balsams.

Fresh, aromatic, stimulating, soft, lovely and very spicy. Send your nose on an exciting journey, there is much to discover here.

The Gentleman's Groom Room were the first to bring these wonderful products to the U.K back in 2014.

SKU: Tabula Rasa Dezember Shaving Soap 90g

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