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Dr. Dittmar


OUT OF STOCK Dr Dittmar Handmade Real Horn Moustache And Beard Comb, due to the raw natural material used for this product no two combs are identical and vary from light to dark horn.


OUT OF STOCK Dr Dittmar Beard and Moustache Grooming Kit comprising of pure bristle oval beard brush with pearwood top and genuine horn handmade beard comb with handle. Horn comb may vary in colour due to the raw natural material used.


OUT OF STOCK Dr Dittmar is a trusted name in beard and moustache care. The beard wash contains soothing Aloe Vera and Milk, which can help with any skin irritations that your beard may cause. It is highly effectively at washing out any styling waxes...Read more


OUT OF STOCK Made from an original Hungarian secret recipe, this wax will groom and condition the moustache or beard with marvellous aplomb. Reputed to be the moustache wax favoured by Salvador Dali 16ml


OUT OF STOCK Neutral Moustache Wax in a tube for a lustrous finish to the most marvelous tache..