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Post - Shave


Proraso (Red) Pre-Shave Cream with Shea Butter works just like the original And sensitive versions but has been formulated to be especially effective on thicker, coarser facial hair. Refreshes the face and softens the beard when used as an undercoat be...Read more


The Apsley Aftershave Balm is formulated to deliver maximum post-shave benefits. It is rich in restorative ingredients which have been proven to help significantly reduce skin irritation and inflammation related to razor burn. The restoring effects of ...Read more


Truefitt & Hill's alcohol-free, non-oily aftershave balm constitutes a rich and soothing moisturiser, containing lanolin and aloe vera extract. Although suitable for all skin types, the balm is especially ideal for those with sensitive skin for who...Read more


The 'go-to' solution to reduce razor bumps and ingrown hairs, and help prevent new ones from forming. A powerful combination of 2% Salicylic Acid and Lactic Acid exfoliate the top layer of dead skin cells, unearthing the skin-trapped facial hairs ...Read more


Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturiser (SPF 20) with Blue Algae Extract and Sea Parsley (97ml) Ideal for daily use, this lightweight moisturizer is an advanced facial treatment product with a built in sunscreen, SPF 20. The emollient formula visibly i...Read more


Jack Black Post Shave Cooling Gel with Aloe, Sage and Lavender (97ml) This soothing, alcohol-free after-shave treatment helps heal irritated skin and alleviate redness. Natural ingredients, known for their soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, cal...Read more


A multifunctional product, the Protein Booster Skin Serum quickly turns any regular after-shave routine into a skin-saving solution. The unique serum works two ways: Use it alone or mix the super concentrated formula with your favorite moisturiser, dai...Read more


Myrsol "Antesol". An extraordinary and pleasant massage pre/after shaving traditional formula helps to soften the skin and close the pores without irritating the skin. Ingredients: Alcohol denat, aqua, sorbitol, allantoin, menthol and parfum.


Pre/post shave emulsion that prepares and protects skin before shaving. It moisturises and tones the skin, soothes and refreshes after the shave. Ingredients: Aqua, stearic acid, triethanolamine, lanolin, glycerin, sodium, methylparaben, menthol and...Read more


With its ultra soothing and healing combination of ingredients this is an excellent after shave balm, even for sensitive and easily irritated skin. Almond and Jojoba Oils nourish dry and damaged skin, whilst Shea Butter and Marshmallow soothe and prote...Read more


St James of London post-shave gel takes your shaving experience to the next level of care. Forget the world of sticky gel residues or pore-clogging lotions. The alcohol-free shave gel leaves your skin soft and smooth, with a soothing, polished finish o...Read more


St. James’ alcohol-free hydrating post-shave gel keeps skin soft, irritation-free and without the sticky residue of so many other gels. Make this fabulous protection for your face part of your shaving routine and notice the difference. Made in England.