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Traditional Wet Shaves

The lower level of our store houses our Jermyn Grooming & Lifestyle Suite where we are proud to offer traditional wet shaving . Wet shaving represents an important part of the male grooming tradition and our menu of 60min (appox) shaves are based on the ethos that shaving can be transformed from a daily chore into a therapeutic ritual. For many of our clients our shaves are a relaxing way to de-stress and chill out or booked as part of preparation for that special event. By way of an introduction to the process and tradition of a straight razor shave, here is our guide to our unique and special traditional wet shaves.

A scented hot towel is applied followed by a pre shave oil or cream which is massaged into the stubble, the pre shave adds a bit of protection and allows the blade to glide over the skin more easily. A second scented hot towel is then used to further prep the skin and soften the beard, then a quality shaving soap or cream is applied using a high quality shaving brush. The shave is performed with an straight razor, next another relaxing hot towel, and a re-application shaving soap or cream in preparation for the second pass with the straight razor. The excess cream/soap is removed by a warmed towel following the second pass, this is then followed by a cold compress to close the pores. The skin is then misted with a facial toner or an aftershave splash of the old school variety applied (clients preference). A post shave cream or balm is then massaged thoroughly to the freshly shaved skin, followed by a full face moisturiser. Ear hair Singeing by flame is offered free with every shave from our menu, it’s up to each client if they wish to choose it. Before leaving the shop you will be offered a dash of cologne from our choice of over a hundred fragrances stocked at The Gentleman's Groom Room. All products used in our menu of shaves are also available to purchase from our shop allowing you to recreate the experience from your daily shave at home.

(We may at times use a gentle exfoliate and cleanser that removes dirt and dead skin cells allowing the razor to get closer prior to the first pass and as we use a progressive stubble reduction technique over multiple passes a third pass against the grain)

Our traditional wet shaves are very popular with our clients and booking an appointment is always advised. To book a shave please contact us by telephone on 01382 801504. Gift vouchers can be purchased in store, via the website or by phone are valid for a year and can be redeemed against a wet shave or products from the shop.

Price List

Traditional Turkish Style Shave - Allow 60min Traditional hot towel shave using authentic Turkish shaving products - £20

The Italian Job Shave - Allow 60min Traditional hot towel shave using the products of Italy’s most venerable barber shop shaving brand, Proraso - £25

American Smooth Shave - Allow 60min Traditional hot towel shave using the shave and skin treatment benefits of products by the Texas based Jack Black - £25

Jermyn Luxury Shave - Allow 60min Traditional hot towel shave using the finest quality shaving products from Jermyn Street and the St James's area of London such as Taylor of Old Bond Street and Geo F Trumper - £30

  • As of March 2020 due to the Covid -19 outbreak here in the UK our traditional wet shaving services are unavailable until further notice.