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G.B Kent


The GB Kent Slim Jim Pocket Comb a 120mm fine toothed men's pocket comb.


GB Kent AOT Small men's pocket comb. 113mm coarse and fine toothed men's pocket comb.


GB Kent men's small comb 7T 143mm fine toothed pocket comb.


GB Kent Shoe Set, containing a duo applicator and 2 polishing brushes. Great as a gift or for home use - Makes shoe cleaning speedy, simple and clean.  


GB Kent Chrome Shaving Brush stand a chrome shaving brush stand, suitable for most shaving brushes.


GB Kent handmade R7T Small men's comb a 143mm fine and coarse toothed pocket comb.


Two G.B Kent HARD Nylon toothbrushes. Sold in travel case. A toothbrush for people who like a firm toothbrush, great for everyday use.


Two G.B Kent SOFT Nylon toothbrushes. Sold in travel case. Ideal for children and people with more sensitive gums.


GB Kent Best badger H8 brush a medium sized best badger hair brush, with horn effect base.


GB Kent BK2 Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush a medium sized pure grey badger bristle shaving brush. The same quality and craftsmanship that you would expect from any of our premium shaving brushes but filled with an alternative cut of badger bristle, su...Read more


GB Kent Gent's Hair Brush MN1 is made entirely from ebony wood this classic oval designed brush is filled with pure black bristle. This brush is not stained or painted black, the dark colour is the natural characteristic for this exceptional timber.


GB Kent Gent's Hair Brush MN1B is a rectangular ebony wood grooming brush filled with pure white bristle for a bespoke look. Similar in appearance to its bigger brother the MHN2T but hand finished instead of handmade.