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An excellent tallow based shaving soap from Cella, this handmade Italian soap has a mild almond scent and creates a fantastic lather. Cella is soft enough to mould perfectly into the shape of your favourite shaving bowl. Presented in eye catching old s...Read more


Dr Dittmar Handmade Real Horn Moustache And Beard Comb, due to the raw natural material used for this product no two combs are identical and vary from light to dark horn.


Dovo Of Solingen stainless steel Shavette is a high quality disposable blade razor made by Dovo in Solingen Germany, very well constructed, a lovely razor.


These razors are not yet widely available here in the UK, but are very popular elsewhere in Europe and the USA. The Open Comb razor head on this 3 piece Fatip Chrome Plated Safety Razor manufactured Italy allows for an exceptional performance, again...Read more


The high level of pure fragrance oils used in these candles ensures a richly scented ambience at home. Each candle is hand poured with blended wax to ensure even burning. Floris home fragrances date back to the 1800s where in their catalogue of 1851 a...Read more


A fragrant post-shave astringent to close the pores and invigorate newly shaved skin. Containing witch-hazel, a natural astringent and glycerine to help moisturise the skin. Named after the founder of Floris, Juan Famenias Floris. JF is strongly influ...Read more


A post-shave astringent to close the pores and invigorate newly shaved skin. An alcohol-based product which contains Witch hazel, a natural astringent and Glycerine to moisturise.


The GB Kent Slim Jim Pocket Comb a 120mm fine toothed men's pocket comb.


Trumpers almond shampoo, perfect for dry hair, rich almond strengthens and protects hair. Almond range is extremely soothening and softening.


An 80g refill of Trumpers famous glycerine based Almond Shaving Soap, designed to fit  thier wooden bowls.


Handmade real horn moustache comb complete with The Gentleman's Groom Room logo, due to the natural materials used no two of our moustache combs are identical and colour will vary.  20mm x 100mm 


The Merkur Moustache/Eyebrow Razor is designed for getting around the hard-to-reach places. It offers Merkur's patented precision head and an extra long polished handle. It is for use with wedge-shaped blades and ideal for use on moustaches, eyebrows, ...Read more