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It's back! first sold at The Gentleman's Groom Room almost a decade ago until it was discontinued by Morgan's, their famous antibacterial medicated soap is now available once again.


Ultra stiff wax perfect for handlebar moustaches, goatees and side burns. Conditions and smoothes the hair With beeswax, shea butter and natural oils including wheatgerm, jojoba, mandarin and eucalyptus. With Morgan's fragrance of bergamot, j...Read more


Specially formulated to soften and smooth even the most dry and unruly of beards.Only a few drops necessary to soothe and moisturise both facial hair and skin. Contains a blend of natural oils with Mandarin, Bergamont, Ginger and Argan oil Apply ...Read more


A 5 inch simulated ivory comb with a gently curved shape and widely spaced teeth, which make it ideal for use on coarse hair types.


This tin of Morgans cream will soften, moisturise and condition whilst leaving your moustache and beard smelling great. Contains aloe vera, wheat germ oil and virgin olive oil to nourish. Morgans have been producing high quality hair products in ...Read more


The Open Comb razor head on this 3 piece Fatip Chrome Plated Safety Razor manufactured Italy allows for an exceptional performance, against even the toughest of beards.


Suavecito's much sought after switchblade comb a great novelty gift idea.


Suavecito grooming wax is a neutral colour natural scent wax all occasions, comes as an easy to carry compact stick. Great for unruly moustaches, beards, sideburns and eyebrows.


Geo F Trumper Coconut Shaving Soap in a Wooden Bowl (80g) A Balmy, white bliss fresh from the blue skies of paradise, the delicate aroma of Trumper's coconut inspires nothing but pure uplifting vitality. Extracted from fresh coconut pulp, this nourishi...Read more


Geo F Trumper Coconut Shaving Soap Wooden Bowl Refill (80g) Trumpers famous glycerine based Coconut Hard Shaving Soap in an elegant hand turned wooden bowl. With fantastic nourishing properties, the coconut oil helps prevent dryness to the skin. For ...Read more


 Simpsons Chubby 2 Best Badger Shaving Brush, this impressive Premium handmade Shaving Brush is densely filled with Best Badger Hair. The Chubby has been widely acknowledged as the finest Shaving Brush available in the world today.


Morgans Hair Darkening Pomade gradually darkens grey , Morgans hair pomade was registered in 1873 when Robert Martin introduced the product to the fashionable hairdressers of London's West End. Now, approaching a century and a half later, Morgans Pomad...Read more